About Us – Lodging in Volcano, Hawaii

Visit us At the Crater's Edge, luxury lodging in Volcano, Hawaii.Luxury Lodging in Volcano, Hawaii

Aloha, and welcome to At the Crater’s Edge, luxury lodging in Volcano, Hawaii.

Our suites are designed to exemplify the natural beauty of Hawaii’s Big Island, using local plants and sustainable sourcing to create a perfect tropical getaway. We want you to feel at home here, and we go out of our way to infuse our private suites with a welcoming atmosphere and the perfect degree of personal touches.

People from around the world come to the Hawaiian islands for rest and relaxation in our unique tropical environment. It’s easy to help people achieve a relaxing and memorable vacation here, where you can cozy up to a fire, surrounded by native trees and flowers, with the eruption of mighty Kilauea only a mile away.

Our suites at Crater’s Edge embody that sense of relaxation through a devotion to hospitality. To us, hospitality means warm and welcoming, but with the freedom for our guests to create the unique vacation experience they desire. In Volcano, you can have adventures by day and return to a beautiful suite by night, relaxing in a hot tub or just observing the beauty of Hawaii’s natural landscape. Great hospitality anticipates the little things that will help make a vacation easy and memorable, and Crater’s Edge is designed and outfitted with that in mind. We want people to have a great time experiencing the many wonderful things Hawaii has to offer, but also have a beautiful, comfortable space in which they can truly relax.

Our work at Crater’s Edge has been a gift. We’ve interacted with people from all over the world, helping them to have a memorable vacation. Reading the truly wonderful things people say about their stays in the guest books really lets us know we are in the right spot, doing the right thing.

Let us help you create the fantasy vacation you’ve always wanted in beautiful Volcano, Hawaii, here At the Crater’s Edge.