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  • Rainforest Spa

There's nowhere better to slow down and experience the magic of the Hawaiian biosphere than out in the rainforest spa.

Accessible by a beautiful covered boardwalk through the back garden, the spa pavilion, built in the same style as the main home is an open-beam platform nestled between a forest of native ʻōhiʻa trees and giant Hapu'u ferns, tropical rhododendrons, colorful anthuriums and elegant bamboo. It features a four-person round hot tub sunken flush with the deck and is available for guest use any time, day or night.

In The Forest

April and May, our tropical springtime at 3800 feet elevation, is an especially magical time in the forest...a time when all the ferns come to life. Fiddleheads slowly unfold and soar 20 feet in the air. Each fern often puts out three to five new fronds during this time. Wild orchids burst into bloom. The forest is alive with rapid growth and splashes of brilliant color. Soaking in a tub of hot water, listening to the calls of a dozen species of native birds, or the soft pitter-patter of a late afternoon rain and watching this beautiful spectacle is one of the most meditative and relaxing experiences on earth.

Flowers outside of our Rainforest Spa suite Native Hawaiian birds you might find at our Rainforest Spa Beautiful Hawaiian plants at our Rainforest Spa

Native ferns at our Rainforest Spa